Autoglym High Definition Cleanser Kit

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Made in Great Britain

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For those who are serious about their car detailing, this cleanser removes old and decaying waxes, polishes, and protectants from the surface of the vehicle so that you can apply a fresh, high quality wax or polish onto bare paint. This is an essential step to ensuring the effectiveness and longevity of your paint protection.

Instructions: Remove surface contaminants and irregularities with clay to ensure a smooth finish before beginning with the cleanser. Apply the High Definition Cleanser to a damp applicator sponge and work the product into a single panel at one time with a circular motion. Before the product dries, buff out using the supplied red Finishing Cloth and move to the next panel. 

Helpful Tips

Avoid using if your vehicle has a recent coat of paint protection. We recommend finishing the bodywork with Autoglym’s High Definition Wax.

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Manufacturer Autoglym
Made in England