ap Coilover Kit - E46

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AP Part Number: GF20-022
German TÜV Certificate

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This Fits

Please carefully review the table below to ensure this part correctly corresponds with your car’s model, build dates, and body style.

Model Body Build
318i Sedan 07.98 to 02.05
320i Sedan 07.98 to 02.05
323i Sedan 03.98 to 08.00
325i Sedan 09.00 to 02.05
328i Sedan 03.98 to 08.00
330i Sedan 09.00 to 02.05
320i Touring 07.98 to 02.05
320Ci Coupe 04.99 to 05.06
323Ci Coupe 04.99 to 08.00
325Ci Coupe 01.00 to 05.06
328Ci Coupe 04.99 to 08.00
330Ci Coupe 01.00 to 05.06
325Ci Convertible 02.00 to 08.06
330Ci Convertible 02.00 to 08.06


From the moment you experience a set of quality coilovers, you’ll understand it’s money very well spent. Made in the heart of Germany by one of the world’s most respected coilover manufacturers, AP Coilovers have been introduced as their best-value performance line of products, all while leaning on damping specifications and internal valving technology from coilovers that are sold elsewhere for twice as much. These are essentially rebranded, repackaged coilovers that are very well regarded throughout the international motorsports community. Instead of a one-size-fits-all shock absorber as you would expect with cheaper alternatives, every AP Coilover kit is developed and pre-configured for each specific model by engineers in Germany to find the perfect harmony between ride and handling. This means you can greatly improve the handling of your E46 as well as the ride, without having to compromise on either. Designed to use factory mounts, sway bar links, and mounting positions, this is a complete kit with front and rear shocks, springs, adjustment perches, bump stops, and spanners.

Key Features

- Made in Germany
- Threaded body with an adjustable range of 30-70mm front and 30-50mm rear
- Axle load 1030/1215 front and rear
- Developed in Germany and fine-tuned for road conditions
- Pre-load spring design with aluminium spring perches
- Galvanised coating for corrosion resistance
- Adjustment spanner for easy height change
- Over 15 years experience in suspension development
- German TÜV certified

Helpful Tips

We fitted these to our own Project 46, and since then the AP Coilovers have become staff favourite at Clickable. The AP Coilover kits combine outstanding quality and performance with front and rear spring collar adjustment, allowing fine-tuning to attain the perfect ride height. This is one of the best ride and handling packages available on the market today, regardless of price. Read about the installation of this coilover kit own E46 by clicking here.

More Details

Manufacturer ap Sportfahrwerke GmbH
Made in Germany