Platinum-Iridium Spark Plug - Set of Eight

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OEM Part Number: 12120037607
Alternative Part Number: 12120037608
Alternative Part Number: 12120141871
Alternative Part Number: 12129071003 
NGK Part Number: BKR6EQUP
Bosch Part Number: FGR7DQP+
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This Fits

Please carefully review the table below to ensure this part correctly corresponds with your car’s model, build dates, and body style.

Model Body Build
530i Sedan 09.92 to 09.95
540i Sedan 09.92 to 09.95
Model Body Build
535i Sedan 04.96 to 06.03
540i Sedan 04.96 to 06.03
M5 Sedan 10.98 to 06.03
Model Body Build
545i Sedan 09.03 to 06.05
Model Body Build
730i Sedan 04.92 to 03.94
730iL Sedan 04.92 to 03.94
740i Sedan 09.91 to 03.94
740iL Sedan 09.91 to 03.94
Model Body Build
735i Sedan 01.96 to 11.01
735iL Sedan 01.96 to 11.01
740i Sedan 10.94 to 11.01
740iL Sedan 10.94 to 11.01
740Li Sedan 09.97 to 11.01
Model Body Build
840Ci Coupe 01.96 to 12.99
840i Coupe 02.93 to 02.96
Model Body Build
4.4i SUV 05.00 to 09.06
4.6is SUV 02.02 to 04.04


Poor idle, engine misfires, or reduced fuel economy sound familiar? Changing your spark plugs might just be the answer. Over time the electrode will degrade and can see a build-up of carbon which weakens the spark. Spark plugs are responsible for igniting the fuel, so a clean spark is required to ensure you're getting the best performance and fuel economy from your BMW. These platinum spark plugs from original equipment supplier Bosch are made in Germany and feature a quad-electrode design for greater performance and longevity.

Helpful Tips

It's a good idea to change your ignition coils at the same time as your plugs to ensure the best possible spark.

More Details

Manufacturer Bosch
Made in Germany
Required per car 8

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Good product and good price
Review by Daniel
Good product, second time I have ordered these plugs. (Posted on 5/09/2017)