Front Control Arm Overhaul Kit - E39

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Control Arm Part Numbers: 
31121094233 (Forward Left)
31121094234 (Forward Right)
31121141717 (Rear Left)
31121141718 (Rear Right)
Sway Bar Link Part Numbers: 
31351095661 (Left)
31351095662 (Right)
Tie Rod Part Number: 
32111094673 (Left)
32111094674 (Right)
Febi-Bilstein Part Number: 46291
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This Fits

Please carefully review the table below to ensure this part correctly corresponds with your car’s model, build dates, and body style.

Model Body Build
523i Sedan 11.95 to 09.00
525i Sedan 09.00 to 06.03
528i Sedan 11.95 to 09.00
530i Sedan 09.00 to 06.03
528i Touring 01.97 to 09.00
530i Touring 09.00 to 05.04


Two decades since it was released and the E39 5 Series is still considered one of the best driver's saloons ever produced, finding that rare balance between excellent ride and exceptional handling. Unfortunately after many years of use, the ball joints and bushings will gradually begin to deteriorate. When this happens it places more stress on other suspension components, accelerating the process and significantly impacting on the ride, handling, and braking performance of the car. Germany's Febi-Bilstein have put together this overhaul kit for the front-end, including all of the major components that commonly wear, as well as all of the hardware that's required to complete the job. 

Front Lower Control Arms - Foward & Rear Mounting Positions

The front lower control arms (sometimes referred to as the tension struts) help to keep the wheels on-track and the suspension planted over bumps and through corners. Over time, the bushes will degrade, causing a loose feeling that can lead to a potentially dangerous scenario. All four of these control arms come complete with bushings pre-pressed into the arms. 

Tie Rod Assemblies

The tie rods connect the steering wheel to the wheels (quite a necessary link, really). Over time these assemblies wear, resulting in excess play to the steering. Wear can also create knocks and creaks within the steering system. 

Sway Bar Links

Sway bars reduce body roll during cornering. It's the difference between an E39 that wallows through the corners and one that is sure-footed and confidence inspiring. These links help keep the sway bar mounted and doing what it's meant to. Replacing the sway bar links is a great way to restore feel and balance to your car.


This kit comes with all neccesary hardware, including all brand-new nuts and bolts, tie rod dust boots, fitting clamps, and grease. 

Helpful Tips

We recommend having a laser wheel alignment performed after any major suspension work.

More Details

Manufacturer Febi-Bilstein
Fitting Position Front Axle

Latest Reviews

Great product and fast delivery
Review by Kimbo
A highly recommended supplier. (Posted on 2/08/2016)
Review by Uber5er
I think I got the first one of these kits Clickable brought in late last year. I used it as part of a complete suspension refurbishment in my 250k 2002 530i Touring. All the parts fitted perfectly and the end result is superb! Very happy.
The only departure from the OE parts was that the nuts supplied with the new joints are not the same as the OE ones, some require different spanner/socket sizes and they are just plain nyloc nuts rather than the flanged locknuts used by the OE. No functional difference mind you, just a small point. Otherwise everything looked and fitted exactly as per what came out. (Posted on 26/06/2016)