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Oil Approval: BMW LL-01
OEM Oil Filter Part Number: 11427508969
MANN Oil Filter Part Number: HU 815/2 x
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This Fits

Please carefully review the table below to ensure this part correctly corresponds with your car’s model, build dates, and body style.

Model Body Build
116i Hatch 07.04 to 06.11
118i Hatch 07.04 to 06.11
120i Hatch 07.04 to 06.11
Model Body Build
318i Sedan 09.01 to 02.05
316ti Compact 12.01 to 12.04
318ti Compact 12.01 to 12.04
Model Body Build
320i All 01.05 to 12.11
Model Body Build
sDrive18i SUV From 10.09


Regular oil changes are just part of life for an enthusiast. With such a wide range of mass-produced oils available from countless sources, it’s easy to get confused about what’s best to use in your BMW’s engine. For that reason, we hope to help cut through the guess work and marketing tactics of the big oils brands to offer our customers what we firmly believe is the very best motor oil available, coupled with the best oil filter. We don’t expect every owner to be willing to pay a premium compared to lesser oils, but for the most discerning enthusiasts there should be no substitute. This is simply the best oil and best filtration available.

Motul 8100 X-cess 5w40 - 5 Litres

Motul’s 8100 series of oils combine high quality synthetic base stocks with the very best additives, as well as using a special type of proprietary ingredient blending technique that makes their products superior to anything currently on the market today. Created from Motul’s own synthetic base stock, the 8100 X-cess is a true 100% synthetic oil with approvals from the major manufacturers, providing exceptional protection against engine wear, oil burn & oxidation, and high-stress foaming. The main advantage over other synthetic oils is that the 8100 X-cess offers greater anti-wear coverage, and substantial anti-shear protection at high temperatures. Motul also add special anti-foaming properties to the 8100 X-cess which is important for high-revving motors. This improves the lubrication and cooling of the motor under extreme stress, making this oil a particularly good choice for daily and spirited driving. This is why we sell, use, and recommend Motul oils.

Mann Oil Filter

Your oil filter should be changed every time your oil is replaced. Ensure that the filter you fit to your BMW is designed to accommodate the correct oil flow rates whilst removing damaging debris and carbon from your engine. Manufactured in Germany by OEM supplier to BMW, this Mann oil filter also includes a new gasket and washer.

Helpful Tips

As with all toxic chemicals, disposing of your used motor oil is essential. Pouring oil in the ground, down the drain, or putting it in the bin causes environmental damage. Your local council can advise you on the easiest way to safely dispose of your used oil.

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Latest Reviews

This oil single-handedly saved my engine
Review by Mike
I recently replaced my waterpump and thermostat plus an oil service with Motul 8100 then after 1000km of driving without issue my upper radiator hose snapped off at a plastic fitting. This went completely undetected by myself for potentially up to 20 minutes of driving 80km/h then while stationary I noticed the water temperature gauge was in the full red. I pulled off the road immediately and switched off the engine. Where I coasted to a stop, I saw no signs of coolant behind the car indicating the engine had already run dry. I had the car towed and replaced the upper and lower radiator hoses, filled with coolant, pressure tested the cooling system and changed the oil. I thought for sure I was going to have an engine issue but to my complete utter disbelief, there were no hydrocarbons present in the cooling system and the engine (213,000km old) still has the same performance as before overheating! Amazing test of this top grade product that saved me thousands of dollars and hours! Thank you for stocking this stuff! (Posted on 13/09/2016)
Looking Good
Review by JooMeng
Next day delivery and came with free shipping including other items in the order - can't better.

And I got a FREE Motul cap - YES! (Posted on 27/10/2015)
Review by stevie
Great. Super quick and spot on (Posted on 3/12/2014)