Bilstein B4 Shock Absorbers (Pair) - Front

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Bilstein Part Numbers:
22-158819 (Left)
22-158826 (Right)
  |  Price Per Pair (GST included)

This Fits

Please carefully review the table below to ensure this part correctly corresponds with your car’s model, build dates, and body style.

Model Body Build
1.9i All 01.95 to 03.99
2.0i All 04.99 to 01.03
2.2i All 08.00 to 01.03
2.8i All 04.97 to 06.00
3.0i All 06.00 to 01.03


The Bilstein B4 range are high quality gas shock absorbers that are engineered as direct replacements for the worn factory shocks on your Z3. Made in Germany by the very best in the industry, these shocks will vastly improve the way your BMW rides and handles due to their design and use of high quality componentry. The perfect solution for most people, they will restore the finesse and suspension damping back to the way your car felt when it first rolled out of the factory.

Helpful Tips

The shock absorbers fitted to your car from the factory have a relatively short life before they fall out of their efficiency range and fail to deliver the same damping abilities they once did. Replacing yours will not only overhaul your car’s handling and comfort, but its safety as well.

More Details

Manufacturer Bilstein
Made in Germany
Fitting Position Front Axle