Expansion Tank Hose (Clearance Item)

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OEM Part Number: 11531436410
Vaico Part Number: V20-0896
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This Fits

Please carefully review the table below to ensure this part correctly corresponds with your car’s model, build dates, and body style.

Model Body Build
320i Sedan 07.98 to 02.05
323i Sedan 03.98 to 08.00
325i Sedan 09.00 to 02.05
328i Sedan 03.98 to 08.00
330i Sedan 09.00 to 02.05
320i Touring 07.98 to 02.05
325ti Compact 03.00 to 12.04
320Ci Coupe 04.99 to 05.06
325Ci Coupe 01.00 to 05.06
328Ci Coupe 04.99 to 08.00
330Ci Coupe 01.00 to 05.06
325Ci Convertible 02.00 to 08.06
330Ci Convertible 02.00 to 08.06


This hose connects the coolant expansion tank to the water pipe. Rubber hoses can become hard and split, with the plastic fittings turning brittle and o-rings failing. This particular hose was returned to us after a report of a leak, but we believe this hose was not the cause of that issue. As we are offering this as a discounted part, we will provide a limited 30 day warranty for manufacturing defects.

Helpful Tips

Make sure you have enough coolant on hand before starting the job.

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Manufacturer VAICO