Front Sway Bar End Link - Left (Clearance Item)

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OEM Part Number: 31356765933
Bendix Part Number: 042458B
  |  Priced Individually (GST included)

This Fits

Please carefully review the table below to ensure this part correctly corresponds with your car’s model, build dates, and body style.

Model Body Build
125i Coupe 09.07 to 08.13
135i Coupe 09.07 to 08.13
118d Convertible 09.08 to 10.13
120i Convertible 09.07 to 08.13
125i Convertible 09.07 to 10.13
135i Convertible 09.07 to 08.13
116i Hatch 07.04 to 06.11
118d Hatch 07.04 to 06.11
118i Hatch 07.04 to 06.11
120d Hatch 07.04 to 06.11
120i Hatch 07.04 to 06.11
130i Hatch 03.05 to 06.11
Model Body Build
320d All 01.05 to 12.11
320i All 01.05 to 12.11
323i All 01.05 to 02.12
325i All 01.05 to 10.13
330d All 03.06 to 10.13
330i All 01.05 to 08.06
335i All 09.06 to 10.13
Model Body Build
sDrive18i SUV From 10.09
sDrive20d SUV From 09.10
xDrive20d SUV From 10.09


Sway bars (also known as anti-roll bars) reduce body roll during cornering. It's the difference between a vehicle that wallows through the corners and one that is sure-footed and confidence inspiring. An easy job, replacing the sway bar links is a great way to restore feel and balance to your car. We recently moved over to Febi-Bilstein sway bar links, so we're clearing out our remaining stock of these high quality Bendix versions.

Helpful Tips

An easy job to replace, changing the sway bar links is also a good opportunity to inspect the rest of the suspension components.

More Details

Manufacturer BENDIX
Required per car 1
Fitting Position Left