Holiday Season Operating Hours

18/12/2018 10:30 am by Clickable Automotive

The team at Clickable will be taking a short break from fulfilling orders. Our last day of 2018 will be Friday 21st of December, and we will be back, prepared for an exciting year in 2019 from Tuesday 2nd of January.

Our online store will continue to receive orders, and the stock will be automatically allocated as usual to new all orders, ready for our return.

Phones won’t be answered during this time; however, we do have plans to respond to as many emails as possible during our break. Please be patient with us if our response times are slower than usual or we’re not entirely able to help until we are back in the office.

Thanks for a great year! We hope you enjoy your holidays. Drive safe, and we’ll see you in 2019!

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New Shipping & Promotion Introduced

21/04/2017 3:10 pm by Clickable Automotive

Clickable Automotive

Our primary aim here at Clickable is to offer high quality parts for the best prices delivered to your door, wherever you may be in Australia. So we’re introducing some changes to our shipping policy to help ensure that we can continue to deliver on that promise. We have added a new shipping calculator on our store that we feel makes our freight options fairer, more transparent, and easier to use.

Our standard road service shipping remains unchanged as a flat-rate $10 fee within all of Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, South Australia, and south-east Queensland, regardless of the size of the order. For those located in Western Australia, Northern Territory, and country Queensland, the store will now automatically calculate the best rate for standard road shipping, based on the size of the order and the location it’s going to.

Since we opened in 2011, we’ve been heavily subsidising the shipping costs for our customers’ orders, and particularly for those located in more remote areas of the country. We will be continuing to subsidise shipping costs to some degree, but it was unsustainable for us to move forward without implementing some reasonable changes. We’ve put a lot of consideration into how best to make the next step, and we feel this new system offers the best balance overall. Naturally the alternative would be to raise prices on all products to cover our shipping costs, but these changes enable us to maintain our competitive pricing throughout our product range. Our customers in WA, NT, and country Queensland will be paying slightly more to shop with us, but we’re confident that overall Clickable will remain the most trusted and affordable source of quality European parts, regardless of wherever you are in Australia.

We are also pleased to introduce new, competitive Express shipping options. Almost everything from our store now has the option to be upgraded to Australia Post Express, with the shipping rate being calculated automatically during the checkout process. For parcels over five kilos, our Express rates are about half of what you would expect to pay as a retail customer at your local Post Office.

For the past few years we’ve offered returning customers a shipping discount through a special reviews promotion. As well as the changes to how our delivery fees are calculated, we’ve also made an update to this promotion. For customers who take the time to write a review on a product they’ve previously purchased, we’ll now be offering a $10 shipping coupon for their next order over $100. This will equate to free shipping for most customers, and discounted shipping to those in WA, NT, and country Queensland. It also means customers will have the opportunity to enjoy discounted Express shipping on their orders too.

We’ve put a lot of time into designing and testing these changes to help ensure they are fair and reasonable for all of our customers across Australia. If you have any questions or feedback about the changes, please feel free to email us at or call us on 1300 739 311.

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Farewell, Project 46

22/02/2017 4:33 pm by Ben Zachariah

BMW E46 330Ci

Project 46 is an ongoing series that demonstrates common fixes and preventative maintenance tips, as performed on our own E46 330Ci.

After almost three years and 20,000 kilometres, it’s time to bid farewell to our beloved BMW E46 330Ci M Sport project car.

Our original intentions were to use the vehicle as a platform to showcase a wide variety of the products we offer on the Clickable webstore, as well as subtly improving and modifying the car to create a BMW that is practical, but also a little bit more special than most. We also wanted to document the entire process to show how easy the majority of the jobs are, and why we recommend some of them as part of good preventative maintenance. We believe we’ve achieved those objectives, and so it’s time to let a new owner enjoy the car.

It’s been over a year since our last update on the 330Ci, with the project taking a back seat to a number of changes that we were implementing behind the scenes at Clickable -- the biggest being a move into our new, larger Distribution Centre. But before the move began, we bought in a fresh set of coilovers from AP Sport Suspension in Germany to fit to the 330Ci in order to evaluate the fit, finish, and overall performance of the product. We spent months testing the ride and handling of the APs to ensure the quality was as good as we, and our customers, demand them to be.

One area in particular where car manufacturers try to save some money is on shock absorbers. Regardless of the mileage, upgrading to good quality shocks can make a world of difference to the way the car performs. As with most suspension components, once the ageing original shocks fall out of their efficiency range, they place greater stress on other parts, accelerating the rate of wear and further impacting how the vehicle drives. With almost 190,000km on the original shocks, the difference after the AP coilovers were fitted surprised even us. It’s fair to say that these coilovers exceeded our own high standards and expectations.

To give these coilovers the most thorough test possible, we used the car on a daily basis around Melbourne’s deteriorating streets. We’ve also given them a good run down some trying country backroads down the Mornington Peninsula and along The Great Ocean Road on weekends, with a touch of light towing thrown in for good measure. Although the damping rates are technically harder than the originals, their capabilities are far superior to the original shock absorbers fitted by BMW, leaving us with coilovers that improve literally every aspect of ride and handling.

The coilovers were on the 330 for a few months of testing before we made the easy decision to begin offering AP Sport Suspension, and since we launched the new line the feedback from customers has been exceptionally positive. We’re really pleased with the feedback, particularly as AP Sport Suspension is still a relatively unknown brand in Australia.

We first announced Project 46 back in August of 2014, and the very first thing to be swapped out was the pretty horrible cabin microfilter, and we were able to identify a few issues that we wanted to investigate further. In the second post, we chased down an erratic idle, changed the engine mounts, performed an oil service, and gave the leather some attention. From there, we tackled one of the most common E46 problems: the front lower control arms -- and documented the massive difference this simple change can make. We then chased down an oil leak that had been annoying us, and picked up a set of Hankook tyres. Project 46 then had a Superchips tune to get the most from the motor, before we had the wheels refurbished in a darker metallic greyIn the previous instalment, we fitted some parts to freshen up the cooling system, performed an oil change, and had some main body panels resprayed. Finally, we fitted the AP Sport Suspension coilover kit, and gave the car a detail with Autoglym's High Definition Cleanser and High Definition Wax Kit.

The result is we now have a BMW that looks, rides, and handles better than the $100,000 vehicle that rolled out of the showroom in 2003. We’ve spent $7,395 making Project 46 the car that it is today, but only $1819 was actually spent on mechanical maintenance and essential repairs (excluding $925 on tyres). When that cost is amortised over the long term, it’s a small and worthwhile investment for a vehicle that will provide years of reliable and enjoyable motoring to its future caretakers.

We’ve had such a huge response from Project 46 at every point, and it’s been a real pleasure to collaborate with local businesses to bring the car to the level it is today. For those that follow us on Instagram, you will have already seen a sneak peek at our newest project car which we’ll be introducing in the coming months. For the moment though, it’s farewell and thanks to Project 46. The 330Ci that showed us just how easy it is to own a safe, comfortable, and reliable BMW for not a lot of money.


New Mechanical Repairs: Nil

New Non-Essentials: 
AP Coilover Kit - $1199
Autoglym High Definition Cleanser - $60
Autoglym High Defnision Wax Kit - $95

Total Cost of Additions: $1354
Total Cost To Date: $7395

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Introducing Motul 8100 X-power 10w60

24/01/2017 4:53 pm by Ben Zachariah

Motul 8100 X-power 10w60

We are very proud to introduce the 100% synthetic Motul 8100 X-power 10w60 motor oil to Australia.

Unlike other 10w60 oils, Motul utilises the very latest knowledge in industrial science and chemistry to produce the highest quality 10w60 oil available on the market today. Combining their own synthetic base stocks with specially developed additives, the X-power has highly impressive technical specifications to suit performance cars. For owners of BMW M models (and other sports cars) that specify a 10w60 weight oil, this is quite simply the best lubrication for protection and performance.

As an oil weight previously only recommended for models from Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lotus, and for use in purpose-built racing cars, BMW began specifying a 10w60 weight oil in the E46 M3 due to the fine manufacturing tolerances of the S54 motor. BMW continued the specification for the V10 motor found in the E60 M5 and E63/4 M6, and for the V8 of the E9x M3. The versatility of a 10w60 allows these motors to be safely lubricated from cold starts, right up to high temperature, high load scenarios. The recognised benefits of 10w60 have meant the oil was adopted by owners of all naturally aspirated M car models who use their vehicles in high performance driving scenarios.

Clickable was chosen to exclusively launch the X-power in Australia, and we feel very privileged to be able to introduce a new era of 10w60 oils to the local community of M owners. It’s no secret that BMW’s M division have produced some of the greatest engines in history, however due to their aforementioned tolerances, these motors can be very sensitive to oils. Motul understood this, and so developed a product with greater oil film strength under load and stress, improved anti-foaming properties, and better resistance against carbon deposits. Motul’s 8100 X-power is the result of a new era of synthetic oils that utilise the latest in proprietary chemical technologies.

Over the past three years we’ve been offering Motul’s motor oils in the Clickable store, receiving nothing but the highest praise from our customers and in-turn creating a loyal fan base of BMW owners in Australia. Add to that the fact that we’ve been using synthetic Motul oils in our own personal fleet of cars for years now, giving us a full appreciation of their products. The practical knowledge we’ve gained simply confirms what the literature says: that Motul’s synthetic fluids are quite simply the best around. We invite you to try Motul’s 8100 X-power 10w60 in your own M car and let us know your feedback.

If you have any questions about the Motul 8100 X-power, or would like to find out what is the right oil to use in your car, please contact us by clicking here.

Available in 5L bottles for $99

Also available in 1L bottles for $25

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We Celebrate Five Years!

12/01/2017 10:41 am by Ben Zachariah

Established 2011

We recently celebrated our fifth birthday, so we really wanted to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their continued support during our first five years of trading.

Clickable launched in late 2011 from a small distribution warehouse in Port Melbourne with the clear vision to be the store we wanted to buy from, with quality parts, worldwide-competitive pricing, and being the easiest online store to use. We may have started small, but we’ve just moved into our third warehouse in preparation for our biggest period of expansion since we first opened. 2017 will be the year our customers see more parts they need, better stock availability, and an overall more refined experience.

We’re extremely thankful for the incredible support we receive from our customers. It means so much to us that we have thousands of customers from around Australia who come to Clickable first and recommend us to their friends and family.

So, to you, we wanted to say thanks. We will continue to improve and expand and strive to be not only the best in our industry, but the best in any industry. Everything we do is for our customers, because you are the reason we exist. The next five years is going to be a very exciting time for us here.

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Holiday Seasons Opening Hours

20/12/2016 2:23 pm by Ben Zachariah

Holiday Season Opening Hours 2016

Clickable will be despatching orders received upto 12pm on Friday the 23rd of December. Any orders received after this point will be shipped from Tuesday the 3rd of January, 2017 when we reopen. As most services we rely on are operating at reduced capacity during the week between Christmas and New Years, we’ll be taking a little break during that time.

Please be aware that as we approach the Christmas period, postal packages will generally take longer to arrive. If at all possible, we ask our customers to plan ahead and order earlier than usual to ensure everything arrives in time. If you do require a part urgently or before a certain date, we encourage you to email us so we can advise of the best way to make that happen.

As always, we will be monitoring emails over the break. The online store will also continue to operate during this period with stock being automatically allocated to customers as they order. If you're needing to receive your parts early in the new year, we're encouraging all customers to get their orders in as soon as they're able to. Please note that our phones will not be answered during this time. We hope you enjoy your holidays. Drive safe, and we’ll see you in 2017!

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Our 2016 Christmas Giveaway

20/12/2016 2:13 pm by Ben Zachariah

Autoglym Prize Pack

Update: Congratulations to Michael P for winning the competition!

Clickable is giving away an Autoglym Prize Pack to one lucky person this Christmas! As a big thank-you to our amazingly loyal customers for an incredible 2016, the Clickable Christmas Giveaway is happening once again. The Autoglym Prize Pack includes Leather Cleaner, Vinyl & Rubber Care, Interior Shampoo, Fast Glass, and a special limited edition Autoglym carry bag! That’s $101 worth of Autoglym products!

To enter, simply post a photo of your car on Instagram, tag two of your car enthusiast friends, and follow the @clickableautomotive Instagram account! Be sure to include the hashtags #clickableautomotive #autoglym #australia and you’ll be in the running to win the Autoglym Prize Pack!

The competition will run until 12pm this Friday the 23rd of December 2016. The winner will be announced via Instagram, Facebook, and the Clickable website, and will have their entry re-posted for all to enjoy. Best of luck to everyone!

Terms & Conditions: Entries close at 11:59am on 23/12/16. The winner will be selected on 23/12/16 and notified via Instagram message, with public announcements on the Clickable website, Instagram account, and Facebook page. The competition is open to all residents of Australia, with no limit on entries.
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Progress Update

13/07/2016 11:40 am by Ben Zachariah

 BMW V Belts

It’s been some time since our last progress update, so we thought we would give our customers an insight into everything that’s been happening at Clickable HQ recently. It’s been an incredibly busy period for us, with a number of product ranges expanding significantly over the past six months. We now carry a near-complete range of Continental drive belts for BMW models from the early 1980s, which is a big deal for those trying to source rare V-belts for their older cars. These Contitech belts are considered the best in the industry, and are original equipment as fitted by BMW. If there’s a belt you need that you can’t see on the website, please get in touch and we’ll see if it’s something we can help with.

As you may have seen, we’ve also introduced a brand new range of performance coilovers and lowering springs from AP Sport Suspension. It’s really exciting for us to be given the opportunity to introduce a new product range to the Australian BMW community, particularly one with perfectly engineered damping rates, German build quality, and exceptional prices. The AP products are proof that you don’t have to spend the world to get a fantastic suspension set-up for your BMW. It’s still early days, but so far their products have been a resounding success among our customer base, and the feedback we’re receiving has been overwhelmingly positive. Late last year we had the AP Coilovers installed on Project 46, and we couldn’t be happier with how the car is riding and handling now. We’ll be publishing our own in-depth thoughts on the coilovers in a future blog post.

We’re quickly approaching our fifth birthday which is a pretty big milestone for us, so we wanted to say a big thanks for your ongoing support. Quality parts, reasonable prices, and proper customer service remain at the core of everything we do. In many ways it’s still an uphill battle to create our vision for how a worldwide competitive business exists within Australia, but we’re proud to say we’ve made a noticeable impact on the local aftermarket parts industry, trailblazing a path in automotive ecommerce and helping thousands of customers keep their BMWs on the road for less. We’re also acutely aware of our competitors, both local and overseas, who have grown far too quickly for their own good and are now suffering a lot of negative criticism because of it. We haven’t got everything 100% perfect just yet, but there’s always a huge amount of work being done behind-the-scenes to improve things for our customers -- and from the position we’re in now, the future is very exciting.

Our sales continue to grow and exceed our projections as more BMW owners learn about what we do here, which means we’re continuing to encounter stock issues. We wanted to apologise to any of our customers who have been inconvenienced. In an effort to fix these issues, in the near future we’ll be moving into a much bigger warehouse that will allow us to keep more stock on-hand. We’ll be posting an introduction to the new digs once we’re settled, but needless to say we’re very excited about the upcoming move.

As always, we have lots of really cool things in the works for the second half of 2016 and early next year, so please head to Facebook and give us a ‘like’ to be the first to know. Or if you’re on Instagram, follow us here for a behind-the-scenes look into Clickable Automotive.

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AP Sport Suspension Now In-Stock

19/05/2016 4:45 pm by Ben Zachariah

AP Coilovers

We’re very pleased to announce that Clickable now stocks AP Sport Suspension products for popular BMW models.

As we’ve said before, we’re steadfast in our belief that owning a BMW shouldn’t mean paying a premium for maintenance, and that goes for performance upgrades too. Equally, there’s no reason why sensible prices must mean a poor standard of quality. We feel our job is to seek out and cherry-pick the very best quality products available in the world today, which is why we’ve chosen to offer AP Sport Suspension coilovers and lowering springs.

In late 2015 we air freighted a set of AP Coilovers in from Germany and had them fitted to Project 46, our E46 330Ci M Sport. We’ll be publishing a blog post in the following days that will go into the upgrade in a little more detail, but needless to say the results far exceeded our expectations. For what is marketed as an entry-level coilover package, the APs displayed a very high level of detail in their manufacturing, which translated to its on-road characteristics. There’s clearly been a lot of considered thought that’s gone into the engineering of these coilovers during the development phase. We’re not really meant to go into any detail, but the real reason is because the AP Coilovers are actually just rebranded and repackaged coilovers from one of the most well regarded German coilover manufacturers. In different colours, these coilover kits normally cost twice as much.

AP Coilover kits allow the driver to adjust the height of the car to their own personal preferences, all while leaning on the experience and expertise of the development engineers in Germany. As the damping rates are pre-set for the perfect ride/handling combination on each BMW, all of the guesswork is taken out of the equation. Each coilover features progressive chrome silicon steel springs, pre-load springs (on some variants), adjustable anodised spring perches, hardened chrome piston rods, and corrosion-resistant galvanized bodies. Unlike many cheaper alternatives, these aren’t just an off-the-shelf threaded universal damper and spring combination.

If you’re the type that enjoys a bit of geeky detail, read on. AP’s range of lowering springs are manufactured from cold wound, heat treated chrome silicon steel. It combines exceptional resilience with high tensile strength, allowing the springs to withstand rapid and repeated shocks over a long period of time without their performance diminishing. The progressive spring design means a more supple ride over road undulations, yet body roll is reduced through cornering. Coupled with an attractive blue powder coating, these AP Lowering Springs are equal in quality to springs you would expect to find from other German suspension makers.

Each set of AP Coilovers and Lowering Springs come complete with a TÜV certificate. TÜV are a German organisation that validates the safety and quality of aftermarket vehicle performance parts. Click here to check out the AP Coilovers for your BMW, and here for AP Lowering Springs. If you have any questions regarding the AP Sport Suspension products, please call us on 1300 739 311 or email us here.

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Stock Replenished

6/04/2016 5:12 pm by Ben Zachariah

We’re very pleased to announce that we’ve just restocked our entire range of Zimmermann brakes, IPD wheel bearings, and HEPU water pumps. 

One item we’ve been out of stock of for a while now has been the electric water pump for the N54 engine, most notably found in the popular 135i and 335i models. We’ve had these water pumps on backorder for some time, but sadly due to the high failure rate globally, production allocation has been struggling to keep up with demand. These particular water pumps are actually manufactured by Continental in Germany, who are the original equipment supplier to BMW, but are repackaged as a HEPU product which allows us to offer them at a fraction of the dealership price. All electric water pumps we offer now come with the single-use aluminium bolts included.

Although we do our best to avoid pricing changes when possible, we’ve unfortunately had to pass on some modest pricing increases on a few products we offer. As always, our commitment to provide the best quality parts available at the best possible prices remains steadfast. 

It’s been a particularly busy first quarter for us here at Clickable, but we have some very exciting announcements coming in the next weeks and months, so be sure to head over to our Facebook page to be the first to know. If you ever have questions about anything, we encourage you to drop us an email at 

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