Holiday Season Opening Hours 2016

Clickable will be despatching orders received upto 12pm on Friday the 23rd of December. Any orders received after this point will be shipped from Tuesday the 3rd of January, 2017 when we reopen. As most services we rely on are operating at reduced capacity during the week between Christmas and New Years, we’ll be taking a little break during that time.

Please be aware that as we approach the Christmas period, postal packages will generally take longer to arrive. If at all possible, we ask our customers to plan ahead and order earlier than usual to ensure everything arrives in time. If you do require a part urgently or before a certain date, we encourage you to email us so we can advise of the best way to make that happen.

As always, we will be monitoring emails over the break. The online store will also continue to operate during this period with stock being automatically allocated to customers as they order. If you're needing to receive your parts early in the new year, we're encouraging all customers to get their orders in as soon as they're able to. Please note that our phones will not be answered during this time. We hope you enjoy your holidays. Drive safe, and we’ll see you in 2017!


Ben@Clickable says

posted on 25/01/2017 1:41 pm

Hi Kieren. Those ones are back in stock, sorry for the delay! Ben

Kieren Drapala says

posted on 25/01/2017 1:04 pm

Merry Christmas Guys!

Any news when the Front Brake Pad Wear Sensors will be back in stock ?
OEM Part Number: 34351164371
VEMO Part Number: V20-72-5105

My current order number# is: 100036817.
Thanks, kind regards,

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