Motul 8100 X-power 10w60

We are very proud to introduce the 100% synthetic Motul 8100 X-power 10w60 motor oil to Australia.

Unlike other 10w60 oils, Motul utilises the very latest knowledge in industrial science and chemistry to produce the highest quality 10w60 oil available on the market today. Combining their own synthetic base stocks with specially developed additives, the X-power has highly impressive technical specifications to suit performance cars. For owners of BMW M models (and other sports cars) that specify a 10w60 weight oil, this is quite simply the best lubrication for protection and performance.

As an oil weight previously only recommended for models from Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lotus, and for use in purpose-built racing cars, BMW began specifying a 10w60 weight oil in the E46 M3 due to the fine manufacturing tolerances of the S54 motor. BMW continued the specification for the V10 motor found in the E60 M5 and E63/4 M6, and for the V8 of the E9x M3. The versatility of a 10w60 allows these motors to be safely lubricated from cold starts, right up to high temperature, high load scenarios. The recognised benefits of 10w60 have meant the oil was adopted by owners of all naturally aspirated M car models who use their vehicles in high performance driving scenarios.

Clickable was chosen to exclusively launch the X-power in Australia, and we feel very privileged to be able to introduce a new era of 10w60 oils to the local community of M owners. It’s no secret that BMW’s M division have produced some of the greatest engines in history, however due to their aforementioned tolerances, these motors can be very sensitive to oils. Motul understood this, and so developed a product with greater oil film strength under load and stress, improved anti-foaming properties, and better resistance against carbon deposits. Motul’s 8100 X-power is the result of a new era of synthetic oils that utilise the latest in proprietary chemical technologies.

Over the past three years we’ve been offering Motul’s motor oils in the Clickable store, receiving nothing but the highest praise from our customers and in-turn creating a loyal fan base of BMW owners in Australia. Add to that the fact that we’ve been using synthetic Motul oils in our own personal fleet of cars for years now, giving us a full appreciation of their products. The practical knowledge we’ve gained simply confirms what the literature says: that Motul’s synthetic fluids are quite simply the best around. We invite you to try Motul’s 8100 X-power 10w60 in your own M car and let us know your feedback.

If you have any questions about the Motul 8100 X-power, or would like to find out what is the right oil to use in your car, please contact us by clicking here.

Available in 5L bottles for $99

Also available in 1L bottles for $25


Ben@Clickable says

posted on 19/06/2017 1:07 pm

Hi Peter. Ester-based synthetic oils will essentially help rubber seals hydrate and swell, but we wouldn't recommend using a 10w60 to try to slow an oil leak. Our suggestion would be to have the real main seal fixed, and continue to use the recommended Motul 8100 X-cess 5w40 for your 530i. An oil thick enough to slow or stop the leak will be too heavy for the engine to lubricate effectively, and could cause more issues in the long-term.

Peter Seaver says

posted on 19/06/2017 12:23 pm

My BMW mechanic has suggested that I use 10W-60 in my '03 E39 M54B30 to overcome a slight rear main oil seal leak. It has done 215k but only 70k since an engine rebuild and I have used Castrol Edge 10W-60 for the last service.
Do you think this is adequate or is the Motul or Liqui Moly any better or is it just over-kill?

Lucas@Clickable says

posted on 25/05/2017 11:23 am

Thanks for your comment Andrew. Our recommendation for E39 M5’s is to use the X-Cess 8100 or Motul Sport 5W40. We do have few of our M5 customers running the 10W60 however, in our opinion, 10W60 is too high of a weight oil for extensive road use in these S62 V8 engines.

Andrew says

posted on 25/05/2017 11:00 am

Hi Guys,

Firstly I agree that Motul is certainly the very best product on the market.
I have an E39 M5 2000 which recommends 5w30, is this 10w60 used for that application ?

Ben@Clickable says

posted on 15/05/2017 1:07 pm

Hi Garth, the best oil to use in the E53 X5 3.0d is the Motul 8100 X-clean 5w40, which comes with BMW Longlife-04 approval. It's a 100% synthetic oil designed for Euro V diesel, making it perfect for vehicles with DPFs. Hope that helps!

Garth Leatherbarrow says

posted on 15/05/2017 1:03 pm

What is the correct engine oil to use in a 2004 X5 E53 3.0d?

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