An Insight

We work a little differently from the common parts supplier. Whereas most will offer at least three different options for each part, we tend not to. Others will generally offer a cheap option, an expensive OEM option, and something in-between. For the majority of parts we stock, we will only present a single option on our website.

Although some customers are only looking for the cheapest option (or at the other end of the spectrum, looking only to fit factory parts), most people want something of decent quality without having to mortgage their home for it. Offering a bunch of options is great for sales numbers, but can often come at a cost of the customer’s disappointing experience with a failed part.

Our philosophy is one that you’ve heard spruiked a thousand times, but is rarely backed-up. Our intention is to stock the highest quality parts at reasonable and logical pricing. And though personal standards will always vary, Clickable Automotive will only ever stock parts that we would fit to our own BMWs.

We look at every single part that we stock in our warehouse and judge the quality for ourselves. In most cases we’ll find that the quality varies dramatically across each brand. For example, some parts manufacturers produce excellent suspension components, but then we find that excellence doesn’t carry over into their filters. We cherry-pick the best quality from a number of local and international suppliers, ensuring a certain level of quality is maintained.

With all of that in mind, I’m happy to introduce you to Vierol. This German company has been in the aftermarket industry for decades, specialising mainly in parts for German cars. We recently began stocking their products and have been impressed with the quality across their Vemo and Vaico brands -- particularly their Q+ stamped parts, which are at an OEM-level of quality (but at a fraction of the cost). We now stock Vierol in some products ranges where, up until recently, we would only be comfortable selling BMW Genuine due to our own standards not being met by other aftermarket manufacturers. In some cases, such as with the notorious DISA valve, the only option for customers was a ludicrously expensive BMW Genuine replacement. Vaico have come to the rescue with a quality alternative that is less than half the price of the retail rate.

Cherry-picking from a range of suppliers gives us freedom and confidence. It means we are confident in what we sell, and it means our prices remain truly competitive. That translates to confidence from our customers in what they’re buying from us and how much they’re paying. All of which comes down to a positive experience for our customers.

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