Motul Product Announcement

We’re always reviewing the products that we offer to our customers, and one area that is important to all car enthusiasts is engine oil. The market is flooded with options from countless sources, so it’s understandably quite easy to be overwhelmed when looking into what is best for your BMW. Because of the great many options available, we have made the decision to offer what we believe to be the finest oil currently being manufactured. We’ve spent hours analysing independent research and comparing brands of oils to see what is generally considered to be the best oil available on the market today, and we are very proud to announce that Motul has been added to our online store.

Motul was established over 160 years ago and has built a reputation and legacy that is hard to match. Their products are widely used throughout the motorcycle and motorsports communities, and are the preferred choice for the top Japanese high-performance vehicle tuners.

A higher quality product starts with the best formulas and ingredients, and that means that unfortunately our pricing will not be as competitive as most alternative brands. We don’t expect that every owner to be willing to pay a premium when compared to lesser oils but, for the most discerning enthusiasts, there should be no substitute. When you can buy so many average oils down on your local street corner, we believe it’s important to differentiate ourselves by offering an alternative that is so often only chosen by those in-the-know.

But Motul isn’t just about oils -- they offer a full range of vehicle fluids. As with many of their motor oils however, their Inugel Expert Ultra coolant meets BMW’s own approval standards and uses a formula that makes it the highest quality aftermarket coolant available today. Being a concentrate, it can be blended with demineralised water down to a 33:67 ratio, meaning better value for your money.

We’re really happy to be able to offer our customers a select range of Motul products for their vehicles. This addition to our line-up means that we will also be working on offering more service kits on our website for more popular models, so be sure to keep an eye out on our Facebook page for more announcements in the coming months.

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