Our Website Update

On or off the track, maintaining momentum is always important. So last week we released a new website to address some important areas we thought we could improve. 

While it’s true you can’t build the foundations on sand, some tough decisions needed to be made just before our launch in November last year to release our store without the polish we set out to differentiate ourselves in the Australian market.

Frankly, it was embarrassing in some areas and we’re really sorry to anyone who experienced any technical difficulties when using the old site! Hopefully, those days are now behind us.

To cover a bit of the back story, we approached our launch last year by deciding to launch the basics first, with a plan of quick iterations that would be the best method to create, and maintain something great long term. What was the result?

Well, leaving the things ‘that could wait’ meant we ended up doing them better. And by not taking educated guesses on what we thought would work, and what wouldn’t, we were able to see the results unfold before our eyes and knew that was the direction to go in. It’s amazing what perspective does.

With the help of Inchoo — an eCommerce developer/consultant — enlisted, we ended up changing most things under the hood to bring a better shopping experience. But, without getting too geeky, we focused our attention on the main constraints — mainly the navigation of products, cross-browser compatibility and providing detailed information on what parts each model fits.

Now, with a much better template to start building on, we’re already busy getting ready to add a lot of new parts for the E36 3 Series to cover all those great mechanical maintenance and common fault parts we keep getting asked about. Oh, and with a few exciting performance aftermarket parts, we hope you will agree it’s a welcome addition.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks!

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