Progress Update

It’s been six months since our last update, so we wanted to let everybody know what we’ve been up-to behind the scenes and what we have in store for everyone in the future. Firstly, we need to acknowledge and apologise to our customers for our current inventory issues. You may have noticed that many of our most popular products have been out of stock recently, and we wanted to let everyone know we’ve been working very hard to try to resolve the problem as soon as possible. As a stopgap, we’re air-freighting in a huge amount of products in the next couple of weeks so that our customers can have their BMWs ready for the Christmas holidays.

To give some insight, a major reason for our stock issues is that some of our suppliers are simply unable to keep up with our demand. In September we travelled to Germany for a few days to meet with a number of companies, and we have a number of exciting things in the pipeline to be announced soon. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and on our blog for news.

One of the more common questions we’re asked is about our returns policy. Like everything we do, the way we process returns specifically has our customers in mind, and we want to make sure that we keep it flexible and fair for everybody. We think one of Clickable’s greatest advantages is that we’re local, making any mistakes fast and easy to fix. If you’ve accidentally purchased something from our online store and you want to return it unused, the best thing you can do is either call or email us before sending it back. If you send us your VIN, we can also check to see what the correct part is and if we’re able to replace it for you. We do ask that any parts returned to us are packed within a strong cardboard box to help ensure the product (or its packaging) isn’t damaged on its way back to us. It’s an unfortunate reality that most businesses these days charge a ten or sometimes fifteen percent restocking fee for any returns. We really want to avoid having to introduce any sort of restocking fee, and that can only happen with help from our customers. We pack every order by hand so that they are properly protected during transit, and we ask our customers to spend the extra two minutes to ensure that anything they send back has the same sort of care and attention. It means we can keep the product in-stock for longer, and helps us to keep our returns policy fair for everyone.

We’re also in the process of reviewing our current shipping policies and processes. Our $10 flat-rate shipping charge is certainly one of our most popular features, so that won’t be going anywhere. At the moment though, it only covers around 1/3rd of our own delivery costs each month. By subsidising those costs, it limits our ability to do other things, such as improving the website and introducing new products. Our hope is to create a more transparent shipping policy that gives our customers a much better idea of when they can expect their order to arrive, as well as giving more options for how their order is sent. We’ll be announcing any changes to our shipping policies in the coming months.

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