Pumps & Bearings

A few weeks ago we announced our commitment to expanding our product range to cover all 3 Series and 5 Series models built after 1981. As of today, we have a full range of HEPU water pumps and IPD wheel bearings covering all popular and modern BMWs. These now compliment our wide range of radiator expansion tanks.

We’ve chosen to supply water pumps from HEPU for a very simple reason -- the build quality. There are a lot of options on the market for water pumps, but there are very few that we would consider fitting to our own BMWs. HEPU pumps are of OEM-quality but at a fraction of the cost, making them the best option to stock.

The interesting thing with HEPU pumps is that not all of them are manufactured by HEPU. Some have actually had the BMW roundel removed, meaning that they are the same as you would buy from the parts desk at a BMW dealership, but have been repackaged in order to be sold as an aftermarket unit. In the case of an electric water pump for later model BMWs, the pump still has Continental emblazoned across it (just as you would find on the OEM unit), but comes in a HEPU box and is around a quarter of the cost that you would expect to pay from a dealership.

It’s the same story with IPD wheel bearings. The bearings have been manufactured by either FAG or Koyo, both original equipment suppliers to BMW, but come with all the hardware needed and then repackaged in an IPD box.

It’s always satisfying when we’re able to supply our customers with parts that are equal to, or better than OEM-quality, but at prices that don’t leave a bad aftertaste. We’ll continue to strive for a full range of parts that meet our own quality and pricing expectations.

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