Window Regulators

Here at Clickable, our main focus is on offering general mechanical maintenance parts and replacement common-fault items. Everything we do is to ensure that we are providing high quality aftermarket products at reasonable prices. For the majority of items we sell, the quality is equal to that found behind the spare parts counter at any BMW dealership. But without the price tag. In many cases, the parts we sell are actually BMW Genuine items that have had the logo removed before they’ve been reboxed by an aftermarket supplier.

Our aim is to continue to expand our mechanical maintenance product lines, introducing more parts for more models. We’re only happy to sell aftermarket products if we consider the quality to be good enough to fit to our own cars. In very isolated cases however, the quality of some particular aftermarket replacement parts do not meet those quality standards. Window regulators are one such product.

Window regulators are a little bit different to the usual products we offer. We don’t have any short-term plans to offer a full range of window regulators for all models at the moment. But we had the opportunity to offer BMW Genuine regulators for E36 and E46 models to help out our customers. The window regulators on E36 and E46 have a particularly high failure rate, and locally there weren’t many options to buy quality replacements at sensible prices.

After many years, we still haven’t been able to find an aftermarket supplier of window regs that live up the quality standards we expect. For that reason, we only supply BMW Genuine window regulators. Although they do cost a little more than the alternatives out there, they still seem to be the best option available on the market today. If you consider that a BMW Genuine window reg has such a high failure rate, the failure rate of the cheaper aftermarket unit must be considerably more. Certainly the feedback we’ve received seems to back-up that theory.

If the window on your 3 Series has stopped going up and down as it should, it’s very likely that the regulator needs to be replaced. Check out our range here, or email us at

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