Zimmermann Brakes Restocked

For those that have been waiting patiently, we’re very pleased to announce that we’ve just restocked our range of Zimmermann brakes across all models, and have added a few more too. Click here to find the brakes for your BMW.

We’ve regrettably been out of stock of many of our most popular brake parts for some time now, and we’ve been working through a number of supplier issues through the later part of 2014 to correct this. This latest shipment should mark the end of the majority of stock issues for brakes, and we should now have the supply to meet the demand.

We wanted to apologise to customers who have been inconvenienced as a result of these issues, but we also wanted to thank the Clickable community for their patience and on-going support. Over the coming months we’re also expecting a number of new shipments to arrive which will restock some different product ranges, as well as helping us to expand to cover more models of BMWs.

We also wanted to give a bit of insight into what we’ve been up-to at Clickable HQ. Recently we’ve had a number of discussions with manufacturers about how unsustainable the current distribution model is in Australia for automotive parts. Unfortunately most companies view the Australian market as very small, but we’re doing our best to explain that the vast majority of BMW enthusiasts (of which there are many) buy from overseas due to the uncompetitive nature of the local industry. This artificially skews the numbers and makes our market seem insignificant. It’s an uphill battle at every level, but we’ll be continuing our efforts to bring the best quality parts to our local market. It’s only because of the support of our community that allows us to advocate on your behalf.

We’re often asked about whether we’ll be stocking a certain brand or another (especially when it comes to performance parts). It’s an unfortunate truth, but most of the popular brands that owners want to fit to their BMWs are controlled by distributors in the region. Most people don’t realise, but these distributors usually on-sell to other parts suppliers, who then on-sell to retailers and mechanics. At each step there’s generally a pretty significant margin added, which goes some way to explain why most parts that are sold in Australia are so much more expensive than those found overseas. It also means that in order for us to offer parts at reasonable prices, we’re forced to buy a significant proportion of our parts in from other countries and side-step the middlemen. This of course means that if we happen to sell-out of an item (which can happen as our prices are so much cheaper), it can take months before we’re able to restock. It’s a bit of a catch-22 situation for us, but we’re doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work to try and predict local demand so that we can eliminate or minimise the stock gaps the future.

We’ll be keeping you updated as these shipments arrive. If you haven’t already, please head over to our Facebook page and give us a ‘like’ so you can see the latest news as it arrives. As always, any questions about anything at all, please send us an email to hello@clickableautomotive.com.au.

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