Product Reviews

We’ve always been very fortunate to have customers willing to share their buying experience with others. We thought it was worth taking a moment to say how appreciative we are of everyone who has gone to the effort of writing a product review (or those who have posted elsewhere across the internet about our store). It has really helped us to find new customers and get the word out about Clickable.

A very basic review system was added to our website shortly after launching Clickable. It wasn’t the most intuitive or easy to use system, but it allowed customers a quick way of sharing what they did or didn’t like about our products, helping others to make a more informed decision. Of course, it also gave us some insight into where we needed to improve, as well as what we were doing right. Over time we’ve developed the review system to be a little more sophisticated and easier to read.

We recognised early on that we needed to give something back to everyone that has taken the time to write an informative review of a product they’ve purchased and their experience with us. For a while now we’ve been running a promotion where you can receive free shipping on your next order over $100 for any review submitted to our website, and you only need to be a registered Clickable customer.

Product reviews are really important. One of the main concerns we find potential customers have is whether the parts we offer are of the quality they expect. Some people equate cheap prices with poor quality, but that isn’t the case with our products. Our priority is ensuring that everything we offer is of the highest quality, but we also try to keep our pricing reasonable too. Most Australian businesses don’t work that way, so it’s easy to understand the apprehension that’s felt when people first come across the Clickable store.

Thankfully, in the four years we’ve been around and of the thousands of parts we’ve sold, we’ve only had one part that has ever experienced a common fault. The reason we’ve had such a good run is because we take the time to carefully curate the parts that we sell. We simply refuse to sell products that do not meet our high standards of quality. Our customers have recognised this, and that’s evident in the overwhelmingly positive product reviews.

If you’re wondering what to write for your own review, we recommend the following:

- Write about the issue you experienced with your car

- Talk about the quality of the part and how it compares to the one that was removed from the car

- If you noticed any changes to the way the vehicle performed after it was fitted

- Feel free to mention any pricing research you conducted before making a decision

As always though, if you ever have a problem with a part we’ve supplied, please get in touch with us immediately so we can see if there’s a way we can fix the issue for you. We monitor our emails after-hours and over the weekend, so feel free to shoot us an email at any time.

We wanted to also acknowledge the fact that we’ve been out-of-stock of many product ranges recently. We’re still trying to address a number of supplier issues that we’ve experienced as a result of growing quite quickly over the past twelve months. These aren’t simple things that can be solved overnight, but we wanted to say that we really appreciate the patience and understanding that everyone has shown as we work through these problems. We’ve been able to offer alternatives to many parts that our customers need urgently, and we have been coordinating with suppliers to provide short-term solutions to our product shortages. If there’s something you need quickly that isn’t in-stock, please email us and we’ll do our best to help.

At some point in the future we will be phasing-out the free shipping coupon, but we’ll be making specific announcements when that time comes. Most of all though, we wanted to say a big thank you to our customers for their on-going support, and for their excellent product reviews.

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